Activities for the preliminary meeting of

2017 International Firefly Festival

An Eco-Tea Ceremony @ Hua-Fan University


Welcome to Hua Fan University

2017/04/23 09:30-14:00
No. 1, Huafan Rd., Shihding Dist., New Taipei City 223, Taiwan R.O.C
To see what fun


Ecological understanding

Visit the habitat of fireflies Three-Friends Rd.

Savoring Tea

Xiaotun Instructor Memorial Hall

Cultural Tea Ceremony

Tea masters demonstrating tea arts


Experiencing local cuisine of shihding Dist.

Time Activity Venue Description
0930~1010 Shuttle bus for pick-up From Taipei Zoo to Hua Fan University Enjoy the scenery and Savoring the“welcome tea”
1010~1130 Visit the habitat of fireflies Sanyou Road
(Three-Friends Road)
Introduce the natural environment and ecological situation
1130~1220 Greeting Library and Information Building Xiaoyun instructor memorial hall
Savoring tea
Cultural Tea Party
1220~1320 Buffet Xiaoyun Instructor Memorial Hall Experiencing local cuisine of Shihding District of New Taipei City
1320-1330 Farewell: Everlasting Remembrance Library and Information Building group photos
1330 Shuttle bus to Taipei Zoo Hua Fan University to Taipei Zoo Guests will continue the Ice-breaking activity of the annual meeting after arriving at Taipei Zoo